Sunday, April 19, 2009

cheese, banana bread, and white bread

So last weekend Levy and I made some cheese, banana bread, and white bread.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Garden Update

Just an update on the garden. All the tomatoes, eggplants, and hot peppers have germinated!

I'm still waiting on those california wonders and cubanelles to germinate though, but it should be any day now.

But I have no idea what I'm going to do with this. It is a Mammoth Sunflower. I didn't think it would actually grow. The seed is three years old!

Outside, though, I have first signs of some kale and cabbage. Yesss!

I also put these bricks down in the garden yesterday. I am going to lay some more down. I just need to decide where.

That's all for now.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

farmer john's setup

so i've been working all week building and planting and heres what i have to show for it. we are going to fill these beds with topsoil today and plant the small one with onions and kale. hopefully its not too late.

heres my indoor setup for the maters, peppers, and eggplants

Thursday, March 12, 2009

bike baskets

So this is my second attempt at the bike basket. I'm almost done with one for the other side. Hopefully for Cincinnati's full moon cruise tomorrow.

I'm also working on a better harness. Just got some sisal rope on there right now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

North American Handmade Bicycle Show

So I went to the NAHBS yesterday in Nap town. Woke up early to get out there. I saw some interesting stuff. I think I was expecting something a bit different though.

Heres a nice commuter bike. They were all about the front rack.

A bamboo bike. Apparently these are made in developing countries and then sold here in the US.

A nice chain guard detail. Very sophisicated.

An old school style fork from a company out of Fort Collins.

A cool builder from MASS. called Alternative Needs Tranportation. Some really nice commuter bikes with rack and lights. Really nice high end hubs too.

A nice piece from Velo Orange. I really like that basket.

This was one of my favorite things. These guys from Portland, Signal Cycles made this wine rack holder. A really beautiful rack.

There was a lot more there. Tons of 29ers. I don't think I saw one 26 inch wheel there. Really high end commuter, road, and fixed gears. Unfortunately no one really brought out many touring frames or anything new in the cargo arena.


An update on my herb garden: The herbs are doing pretty well. The thyme and parsley are looking a bit spindly though. Levy says I should move them to get some more light. I'll have to take over the only south facing window in our house I suppose. The spearmint hasn't sprouted yet though.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Garden Party

Currently I'm working on planting a garden in my parent's yard. My dad is on board and said I could use a bunch of space in the yard. This is the layout. I got the big area next to the patio to plant, the old sandbox, and the rear corner of the yard.Here is a list of what I'm planting:

Item:1 - Qty:1, (524) PARISIAN PICKLING, Price:2.00
Item:2 - Qty:1, (511) TENDERGREEN BURPLESS CUCUMBER, Price:1.25
Item:3 - Qty:1, (512) HOMEMADE PICKLES CUCUMBER, Price:1.25
Item:4 - Qty:1, (5111) BIRDHOUSE GOURD, Price:1.25
Item:5 - Qty:1, (9001) BUTTERNUT SQUASH, Price:1.25
Item:6 - Qty:1, (9002) SPAGHETTI SQUASH, Price:1.25
Item:7 - Qty:1, (96) SWEET POTATO SQUASH, Price:1.25
Item:8 - Qty:1, (21) APPLE GREEN EGGPLANT, Price:1.25
Item:9 - Qty:1, (25) BLACK BEAUTY EGGPLANT, Price:1.25
Item:10 - Qty:1, (7004) HABANERO PEPPER, Price:1.50
Item:11 - Qty:1, (7001) JALAPENO PEPPER, Price:1.50
Item:12 - Qty:1, (7007) LONG RED CAYENNE PEPPER, Price:1.50
Item:13 - Qty:1, (7010) PEPPERONCINI (Italian) PEPPER, Price:1.50
Item:14 - Qty:1, (75) CALIFORNIA WONDER PEPPER, Price:1.50
Item:15 - Qty:1, (77) CALIFORNIA WONDER PEPPER, GOLD, Price:1.50
Item:16 - Qty:1, (78) CALIFORNIA WONDER PEPPER, PURPLE, Price:1.50
Item:17 - Qty:1, (110) BRANDYWINE TOMATO, RED, Price:1.50
Item:18 - Qty:1, (1068) PURPLE TOMATILLO, Price:1.50
Item:19 - Qty:1, (1062) CHERRY ROMA TOMATO, Price:1.50
Item:20 - Qty:1, (147) ROMA TOMATO, Price:1.50
Item:21 - Qty:1, (4008) RED BURGUNDY ONION (Hamburger Onion), Price:1.25
Item:22 - Qty:1, (4010) WALLA WALLA ONION, Price:1.25
Item:23 - Qty:1, (45) DANISH BALLHEAD CABBAGE, Price:1.25
Item:24 - Qty:1, (46) RED ACRE CABBAGE, Price:1.25
Item:25 - Qty:1, (80) NEW ENGLAND PIE PUMPKIN, Price:1.25
Item:26 - Qty:1, (3006) EARLY SIBERIAN KALE, Price:1.25

I got some big plans for this food.